Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ok...next one.

Soon the first year in school is coming to an end. Last day is 15th of July after 2 weeks of summer-school (which is only fun stuff and no real studies for the students). For me it means that all grades needs to be collected and that the last pieces of the puzzel needs to be placed.
The plan for this summer is 2 weddings in Italy and a trip to Ireland in August. I also hope to be able to make a visit to my family in Sweden. But that all comes down to economy I guess.

For the rest well...the weather changed. We have had brilliant weather up till Monday (yesterday) when it rained almost the whole day. Today (Tuesday) is no rain but not sunny either.

Think it is time to work now...

Until next time

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dusting off the old blog.

Well I guess I come back and dust the old blog off a bit. Sitting home and doing some work. Just finished Howl's Moving Castle. Very good movie and I got in a very good mood to. Needed! ;)

To all of you out there. Until next time!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Oh my God!

I had almost forgot that I had this blog and "haircut" (thank you haircut) made a comment and suddenly I realized...last post was a long long long time ago. Life have leaped forward. I have a new job which I love. I am now a teacher in Physics at an international school. The students/kids I have are the best! I think I have been very lucky and I hope I can give them what they need to pass their exams and grow as human beings. Yesterday evening we, me and Katia, were supposed to go into Amsterdam for the "Museum Night" but since my wife was not 100% in shape we ended up watching two movies instead and me cooking an Uzbekian lentil soup with pumpkin. I must say I was impressed how easy it was and of my result. Well now I have to start working for my grade 9's science project assignment...because we all live in one world...I wonder if any of them are going to see this ;).

Cheers all!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

What!!! Have I been gone that long....

....ehum yes. Oh sorry folks. I have been busy. Well turned 30 last week...30...three zero...and it feels...normal. (?)... Yes just normal. There was no apocalypse.

Otherwise life is floating. The spring is well underway and almost all types of trees have gotten their leaves. I felt the spring as well...in my nose. Damn pollen. Ahh well better the winter at least.

My Italian classes have stopped. Now I have taken 3 courses in total and I am on level C1...university level was it...right. Non sono securo insoma.

And now a closing in Swedish: Simma lungt!

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year...new....yes what is new?

So, new years eve...another one. In a few hours it is only 3 moth and 17 days left of my life...I cannot say it but it is a number between 29 and 31 and it belongs to the set of natural numbers (for those with mathematical knowledge).
I have been offered a job...as a trainer for the people that 'come after me'. But the salary is about 400 less brutto which becomes about 200 netto. 200 euros netto...i.e. 2000 sek...i.e. not good.
I have to think of what to do because I need a job and with 1 month left to go nothing else is in sight...so maybe it is just to take it and a.s.a.p. change. *sigh*

I need to start learning the dutch language because otherwise the works are limited to this pay...at least it feels like that.

We will see what comes along.

Happy New Year!!

Monday, 8 December 2008

In the jaws of the beast...

Well now I work for my company but with the Outsourced Service Partner trying to make life easier for them. My job at the moment is to train them, answer questions they might have and coordinating the work with my soon former employer. I am trying to make myself irreplacable but I guess that is abit of an utopian goal. My CV is at least freashly updated and ready to be sent out to any new open position that might be of interrest.
Yesterday me and my wife were at a concert with a polish singer called Anna Maria Jopek. The style is like mixing Jazz and Icelandic band Sigur Ros (one of my favorit groups by the way). I was pleased with the evening and it was very nice.
Not far til cristmast either...hoho!! :)

Thursday, 20 November 2008


Well it is no secret for you now probably that I don't have long left at my current work. I have known about the fact that my job has become redundant (actually since mid august). The last few months, december and january I will spend on site with Dell's OSP and help them 'go live'. It is an interessting experience and I also get a lot of experience in manageing others aswell as training others. Maybe that will lead somewere?? Who knows!?

Moreover my jobsearch are going slow at the moment. Not applied for new ones in a while. But I guess it is time to start trying again. My aim is either programming and/or consultancy. Consultancy might not be the best market now though since the economy is slowing down. I could aswell consider Business Analyst or similar, which if I should be honest, does not sound so bad at all. However considering my background maybe programming will be something I would like better even though I am sure I would like both.

Now back to work, breaks over...